Dorm Size refrigerator

dorm size refrigeratorThe food we eat goes through numerous phases, starting in nature and ending in our plate. The internet is that we’ll be available for us  in its best taste and condition. One of the most important stages is the one responsible for the preserving and maintaining the food at each home – the refrigerator. In the past selecting a refrigerator was easy, but nowadays it has become an art – refrigerators are available with the latest technology, and have several features for the best performance.

And there is another factor we should not forget – it is  the largest energy consumer in the house. The refrigerator uses power more TV, dishwasher, washing machine and even the air conditioner. And being a workhorse who works 24/7 throughout the year refrigerated food has great importance our quality of life and environment. It is even hard to imagine life without him.
So when buying one, we should go for an efficient refrigerator.

So what are the types of refrigerators available?  And what is the best for us?

Upper Freezer Dorm size Refrigerator

dorm size refrigeratorThe most popular and common refrigerator. It’s the least  expensive  Low and  comes with wide shelves and a variety of options to design the interior space shelves. Usually has a maximum capacity of 650 liters.

Bottom Freezer

Most refrigerator with a maximum capacity of over to 700 liters and a freezer compartment is large and easy to access s. Make sure in the manual that shelves are modular and can be taken in and out  as requested.  The refrigerator brands which we can mention is this category is LG, GE, and Amana.

Side Bay Side Refrigerator

This type is named  Side by Side or short SBS. This refrigerator has two doors with freezer on one side and the other side of the cooling compartment. Long and narrow shelves which means that sometimes you will have to put your hand deep into the fridge to get a particular product.

Four Doors Refrigerator

Refrigerator which meets the needs of size and modern kitchen design. Version of the classic two large compartments of cooling and freezing without partition, which can be accessed through four doors. In contrast, the advanced version of the cells divided and there is a digital panel that allows to control the temperature of each door and thus determine how the cells are cool and some freezing.

Three Doors Refrigerator

Refrigerator two doors at the top of the refrigerator compartment and the bottom freezer drawer is usually built. This refrigerator is divided into two types. In one, the upper part is divided into two doors with a wedge. In both, the upper part is divided into two doors without partition. The second type refrigerators refrigerator larger space and access to a very comfortable space.

Finally, here is our advice:

Choose the refrigerator, like any other consumer product, in according to your needs. We should select the refrigerator by the volume we can afford, and by the electricity consumption.   Small office or single apartment should consider buying a compact refrigerator. Small family consider buying a refrigerator with a capacity of 500 liters or less, and large family is suitable for a large fridge 500 liters. The rule is simple – small refrigerator uses less energy big refrigerator so choose Refrigerator meet the needs of the family, but there is no need to choose a large fridge than needed.


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